Yarra Project Zero’s mission was to help the City of Yarra transform itself to be a zero carbon municipality by 2020. My mission, given to me by the good folks at Kunexion, was to to take their website from mostly there to publishable, and take three days to develop the content the site.

All of the major design decisions, including CMS, which theme to use and the brand’s style guide (put together by U-Bahn), had been decided before I was brought into the fold.

I ended up working really closely with the team, as the work they’re trying to do had the potential to be game changing. The difficulty of course, is that taking a whole municipality to zero carbon by 2020 is very hard, when nobody really knows how to get there.

In 3 days, I was able to write all the copy for this website. It could do with a re-write, but it got the team where they needed to be, when they needed to be there.

Apparently YEF liked me and Kunexion, and I landed some more work with them, building and delivering My Yarra Project Zero Story, a social network, Q&A and Blogging platform.