To house the articles for The Carbon Manager Digital Magazine, and provide a method of swifter content creation (shorter, bloggy articles), we needed a robust, well designed and aesthetically pleasing website that stood up to the quality of the design in the magazine.

I really wish I'd done something about that footer - but time is a cruel mistress. Especially when she hangs out with her friend, 'money'.

Built on WordPress, the site uses the Structure Theme from Organic Themes. It took a little bit of work to take it from the more playful look it ships with and mold it into a magazine-y, news-y caper.

Fonts used are Google Web Fonts, with Lato used for headlines and Cabin for the body text.

Color scheme was simple – black and grey, a strong yellow and headlines and links using very vibrant orange and blue; #EB663E for the orange, and #4E83EB for the blue.

Here’s how an article looks:

One of my favourite articles for theco2manager - reminds me that I need to get back to procrastinating on Reddit.