The most important function I wanted @theco2manager to fill was to lead a conversation that needed to be led; but without appearing to be at the head of it.

The Carbon Manager started life as a PDF magazine over coffee on High Street, Thornbury in late 2010. To do that properly, a twitter account was essential.

The remit for The Carbon Manager was to help people doing Carbon Management work in organisations better do their jobs, with the broader goal of showing potential students that Carbon Management was indeed a sector, and a sector with vibrant ideas and discussions.

The most important function we wanted @theco2manager to fill was to lead a conversation that needed to be lead; but without appearing to be at the head of it. We were creating a market for Carbon Training International to sell into, in a way.

To that end, our aim wasn’t in attracting lots of followers; it was in attracting lots of relevant followers, and building genuine connections. Over the course of 2 years, we built up a list of followers that meant that what we shared was often what became the most shared articles in relevant industry groups; both because I was good at finding resources and thinking that would resonate, and by presenting a coherent worldview that made @theco2manager stand out as a ‘leading edge’ type publication.

I was tweeting 4 to 5 times a day. On average, 3 or 4 of those would be retweeted at least once. Once or twice a week, one tweet would be heavily shared, reaching over 10,000 possible sets of eyeballs. Content was for the most part found through daily monitoring of a number of RSS feeds I selected.

@theco2manager - Project of Dean Hewson, Strategic Digital Storyteller
The Wall brings in the most relevant social media posts on a news topic. At the Carbon Expo in 2011, @theco2manager was the strongest source.

I was also able to position @theco2manager as the leading livetweeter of the Carbon Expo in 2011, an example followed by many others at the 2012 expo. Due to funding constraints, I was only able to livetweet the second day of the 2012 Carbon Expo – but we were still able to have enough of an impact to be quoted in @GEAustralia’s storify of one of the panels.