My Yarra Project Zero is my most ambitious project to date. In a month, I had to put together a functional engagement platform with an internal social network, blogging platform and user generated Q&A system.

After launching the core website for Yarra Project Zero I was asked to push my Web Development skills and put together an engagement platform that would house the stories of members of the community who are reducing their carbon footprint.

It needed to have an internal social network, and help people tell their story through their own blog.

After a month of late nights, I delivered a functional website, with crisp design and room for a community to grow.

Without much time for market testing, I decided to include as much useful functionality as I could in the timeframe. I added a Q&A section, and embedded the Rebelmouse feed of the @yarraprojzero twitter account on a page (and wrote a post showing members how to do the same on their blogs!)

Yarra Project Zero never quite eventuated, and many of its goals and assets were rolled back into the Yarra Energy Foundation from whence it was born.


Rebelmouse News Feed

Rebelmouse powered News Feed, My Yarra Project Zero


Q&A Example

Q&A, My Yarra Project Zero


Home Page

My Yarra Project Zero Home