Current Projects

Digital Comms at CHF

I look after websites, social media, newsletters, CiviCRM, and digital processes at the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. The work we do helps the consumer and carer voice be heard at the national policy level discussion.

Industrial Design Honours Project

My Honours project will look at the possibilities that the data presents when a large number of designs are made through a user customisable design system, and where that sort of process might fit in the ‘standard’ Industrial Design process.

Canberra’s Local Shops

Canberra’s suburbs each have a small shopping area in their centre. Knowing what’s available in them requires insider knowledge, and I thought surfacing that information and helping map and define a decentralised strip mall would be interesting. It is very much a slow work in progress, that is advanced when time permits.

If you’d like to get involved in helping build it for Canberra’s community, get in touch.